Tooth Gems

Tooth gems are tiny crystal or metallic decoration attached to the tooth using dental composite. Also known as tooth jewelry or tooth decoration, this trend is growing in popularity among celebrities, models, and musicians. They add a unique sparkle to your smile without risk of damage.

Who can get tooth gems?

Both adults and children are candidates for tooth gems. The adhesive used to attach the gems is the same that’s used to attach braces to the teeth. With parents’ permission, children can wear tooth gems just as adults can.

Do tooth gems damage the teeth?

Tooth gems do not damage the teeth so long as a trained dental professional cares for them. The gem is attached to the surface of the enamel in the same way as an orthodontic bracket and can be removed safely.

Dr. Zwier’s knowledge and expertise ensures that your tooth gem application will be safe. Stay away from at-home tooth gem kits, as the ingredients in the adhesives may be harmful and you risk damage by applying or removing the gem yourself.

How long do tooth gems last?

Tooth gems can last up to a year. Leave the gem on for as long as you’d like, then come back to Dr. Zwier to have it polished off.

Can I have my teeth cleaned with a tooth gem on?

Yes! Because tooth gems last for up to a year, you’ll want to have your teeth cleaned while it’s still attached. Dr. Zwier or your hygienist will be able to easily clean around the tooth gem the same way they might clean around braces.