Cosmetic Dentistry in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Cosmetic Dentist Peter J. Zwier offers caring and comprehensive dentistry. He provides a range of cosmetic services in Grand Rapids, and he can meet any dental needs that your family may have. Oral health is important to the wellbeing of your body, and that beautiful smile is an asset that you should keep for many years to come.

When you visit the office, you will find friendly staff who is devoted to ensuring your satisfaction and comfort. They are there to answer any questions that you may have about dental care.

General dentistry

General dentistry is a service which is oriented towards preventive or diagnostic care. With this service, Dr. Zwier emphasizes hygiene and oral health. A general dentist helps people avoid oral disease or progression. When these are not treated, then they may lead to pain and long-term health issues.

Dr. Zwier offers general dentistry services to every person regardless of the age.  When you visit him, it is possible to get a thorough examination which includes structures, gums, and teeth. You can also get a professional cleaning with the discussion about your overall health. When there is a case of tooth decay, then you can get a filling for the affected tooth.

When you meet Dr. Zwier for general dentistry, you can get the following services:

Restorative dentistry

Dental restoration is necessary if you have damage to the natural tooth structure. It can take place because of injury or tooth decay. It can also be done if there is a need to replace the dental restoration that you already had. Dr. Zwier offers different restorative services.

Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is a type of professional oral care and it focuses more on how to improve the appearance of your smile and teeth. Even if the cosmetic dentistry procedure may be elective and not essential, in certain cases, the treatment will offer restorative benefits.

The procedures which are used in cosmetic dentistry may look simple and others may look complex but they all require special care.

Cosmetic Dentist Peter J. Zwier offers different services under cosmetic dentistry:

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Grand Rapids is the second largest city in Michigan. It is found on the East side of the Grand River, which is around 30 miles from Lake Michigan. You should visit if you want to experience food, beer, music, and art. You can enjoy public art with three art museums in the city that can dazzle your imagination.