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The Many Benefits of Dental Crowns

Second in popularity only to fillings, dental crowns are the most widely performed dental procedure and they have a variety of applications. Crowns can help restore tooth function, provide an aesthetic service, and protect damaged teeth, all without needing invasive dental surgery. What Is a Dental Crown? A dental crown looks like the exposed portion […]

Maintaining Your Dental Crowns

For individuals who have experienced serious dental injuries or oral diseases, dental crowns might provide a sense of relief and enable help them to eat and speak without pain or other difficulties. Dr. Peter Zwier, who serves the residents of Grand Rapids, Michigan, and surrounding regions, offers dental crowns at his practice for patients with […]

Three Ways to Replace Missing or Extracted Teeth

Losing a tooth can affect self-confidence and leave you wondering how to fix it. To replace a lost tooth, there are a few options. At his Grand Rapids practice, Dr. Zwier works with each patient to find the best treatment option. Tooth Replacement Options The three ways you can choose to replace your missing teeth […]