Dentistry in Forest Hills, MI

Dr. Peter J Zwier offers comprehensive general and cosmetic dentistry services to his patients in Forest Hills and surrounding areas. Maintaining your oral health is vital to your overall wellbeing and we strive to meet the needs of your family at our dental center. We have a friendly staff which makes sure that you are comfortable and satisfied with your dental procedure. Our center has been offering the most advanced dental care to our patients for more than 3 decades.

Whatever dental issues you may be facing, you can choose a suitable procedure with Dr. Zwier, which could include routine teeth cleaning or a more complicated cosmetic treatments which help you retain your stunning smile. Your oral health is of utmost importance to us and we are always eager to answer all questions so that you can make informed smart choices about the best dental procedures.

General dentistry

General dentistry encompasses diagnostic or preventative services. The emphasis with these services is on your oral hygiene and health. A general dentist will help you to avoid an oral disease or if you are suffering from one, he will avoid its progression. When an oral disease is left untreated, it leads to pain, you have to take time off work or school and statistically, billions of dollars are spent every year on oral diseases.

Dr. Zwier offers general dentistry services to patients of every age. When you visit our center, you will go through an examination that will include checking your gums, teeth, and dental structure. You can have a professional cleaning and also get a review of your overall health. Our team helps you understand how important dental health is to your overall wellbeing. If you have tooth decay, you can get a filling for your affected tooth. Here are the general dentistry procedures you can choose from:

Restorative dentistry procedures

Restorative dentistry procedures involve procedures which affect your smile as well as the health and functioning of your teeth. This means repairing or treating broken or infected teeth as well as damaged gums, teeth, or tissue. Dr. Zwier and his team extend their services as your family’s primary care providers to help you manage your oral healthcare needs and coordinating any specialist treatment as and when required. Here are the restorative procedures available to our patients in Forest Hills:

Cosmetic dentistry procedures

Cosmetic dentistry is aimed at offering a positive change to your teeth and smile. As a dentist, Dr. Zwier strives to ensure the health, function, and appearance of your teeth are maintained for the longest time period. Any cosmetic dentistry procedure must complement your general and oral health. In case your teeth are misaligned, misshapen, chipped, broken, stained or discolored, you can get a procedure at Dr. Zwier’s to get beautiful teeth. A customized treatment plan will be developed to suit your specific requirements and cosmetic goals. Here are the procedures our patients in Forest Hills can choose from:

About Forest Hills, MI

Forest Hills is an unincorporated community in the Kent County in Michigan. The Forest Hills census designated place encompasses all of Ada Township (except the northeast corner) and most of the northern part of Cascade Township. It is most commonly associated with the Forest Hills Public Schools district which serves the area. It has experienced significant growth since the 1950s when several small rural school districts were cobbled together to form one unified district. This was Forest Hills which is today ranked as one of the best public school districts in Michigan. Primarily, it is known as an upper middle-class bedroom community in suburban Grand Rapids.