Getting the Most Out of Invisalign

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If the thought of getting bulky metal braces to fix minor teeth alignment issues is unappealing, Invisalign may be right for you. This revolutionary system can straighten your teeth effectively without having to adjust your lifestyle and eating habits. However, in order to achieve results quickly and correctly, there are several things you need to do to ensure that you have success with Invisalign.

The First Few Days

When you get your first Invisalign alignment tray, you will likely feel some discomfort, as the aligner fits tightly against your teeth and makes your mouth feel different than you’re used to. Resist the urge to take it out, however, as the tray will shift your teeth and become looser and more comfortable over time. Make a conscious effort not to remove it except to eat and brush your teeth.

Wearing Invisalign As Much As Possible

You should be wearing your trays for at least 22 hours a day, every single day. Failure to do this could cause your teeth not to align quickly. This could extend the time that you have to wear the trays, and can even affect how effective your Invisalign treatment will be.

Changing Your Aligners

Always follow the instructions given to you by Dr. Zwier for when to change your aligners. He can examine your progress to ensure you’re moving on at the right pace. Every mouth is unique, and every Invisalign treatment will be personalized for your needs and goals.

Dealing with Discomfort

Throughout the course of treatment, you will likely feel somewhat uncomfortable. This pain is most noticeable when you have just changed aligners, due to the aligners pushing on your teeth in a new way. However, within just a few days, they will become less painful, and the discomfort will go away. Wearing your aligners at least 22 hours a day will help you get used to them.

A New Way of Talking

When you first get your trays, you may notice that you sound different or have a lisp. This will go away as you get practice speaking with them and become used to wearing them.

Using Invisalign Attachments

If you have specific teeth that needs extra help getting into alignment, Dr. Zwier may add tiny buttons called SmartForce attachments to your Invisalign aligners. These buttons can help to shorten your treatment time and ensure that all your teeth are precisely where they should be.

Cleaning Your Mouth

When you have Invisalign aligners on your teeth nearly 24 hours a day, they will affect your saliva’s natural ability to clear away food debris and bacteria. This means that it’s important to brush and floss after you eat to ensure that there is minimal bacterial build-up trapped in your aligners. Such build-up can lead to cavities, so you will want to take special care of your teeth during this time.

Cleaning your Aligners

In addition to cleaning your teeth, you also need to clean your aligners. Otherwise, they can become a breeding ground for bacteria if they are not cleaned daily. You can clean them by rinsing them and brushing them gently with your toothbrush.

Invisible Braces in Grand Rapids, MI

If you are looking for a great way to straighten your teeth without disrupting your lifestyle, look no further than Dr. Peter Zwier. Our Invisalign Grand Rapids patients love the freedom this convenient teeth-straightening system provides while it delivers beautiful results. To learn more about Invisalign and to schedule an appointment with Dr. Zwier, call us at (616) 942-2870 or get in touch with us online.