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How to Whiten Your Smile At-Home

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About Dr. Peter Zwier

For over 30 years, Dr. Peter J. Zwier has been providing a broad range of general and cosmetic dental services to Grand Rapids, meeting the needs of your whole family in one convenient location. Your oral health is extremely important to your body’s wellbeing, and a beautiful smile is a wonderful asset at any age.

Even if you brush and floss regularly, you can still develop stains on your teeth that dull your smile. This can be due to certain habits like drinking coffee and other dark beverages, certain foods, and smoking, or it can just be an effect of aging. Whitening with toothpastes and strips can be a hassle and take months to show results! Now you can whiten in the convenience of your home, and still get the quick and effective results of a professional whitening treatment. Find out how!

How do I Start My At-Home Treatment?

Getting started with your at-home whitening is simple; You can make an appointment to talk with Dr. Zwier about whitening or bring it up at your next cleaning. After examining your teeth to confirm that you are a good candidate for at-home whitening, Dr. Zwier will make an impression of your teeth. This will be used to create a flexible whitening tray with an accurate fit for your mouth. Once the tray is ready, you can come back to ensure it fits properly and Dr. Zwier will provide you with a safe and effective whitening gel to use with your tray.

How to Use the Whitening Tray

Prior to using your at-home whitening treatment, make sure you brush and floss your teeth to ensure the gel reaches your teeth most effectively. Fill your clean, dry mouth tray with a small amount of whitening gel, about half way (don’t fill the whole tray!). Then place the tray so it sits firmly over your teeth, wiping away any excess gel. You can leave the tray on your teeth from 30 minutes to several hours depending on what Dr. Zwier recommends for your teeth. You can then remove the tray and rinse and brush any gel away. Your tray can then be cleaning with a toothbrush and cool water. Use the treatment once per day until optimal whiteness is obtained!

Don’t let stained teeth dull your smile. Talk with Dr. Zwier about your whitening options. You can contact our office to learn more or to schedule your appointment.