How to Whiten your Teeth- At Home!

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About Dr. Peter Zwier

For over 30 years, Dr. Peter J. Zwier has been providing a broad range of general and cosmetic dental services to Grand Rapids, meeting the needs of your whole family in one convenient location. Your oral health is extremely important to your body’s wellbeing, and a beautiful smile is a wonderful asset at any age.

Do you avoid smiling for photos because your teeth are not as white as you’d like them to be? If so, you may want to look into teeth whitening options. While professional whitening is always a choice, at-home teeth whitening is an option that is often cheaper but just as effective. Here is the lowdown on at-home whitening, and how it can benefit you.

The Process

At the office of Dr. Zwier, we offer at-home whitening treatments for patients to apply at home. The treatments consist of custom-made trays paired with a strong whitening gel. These custom trays will be created in the office to ensure optimal whitening. At home, patients can apply a small amount of whitening solution into the custom trays and wear the trays for the amount of time suggested by their dentist. In just two weeks, patients can see whiter, brighter teeth!

While bleaching your teeth is a pain-free process, it can cause your teeth to become temporarily sensitive to hot and cold. If this does occur, it often disappears within a couple of weeks, and you will be able to fully enjoy your favorite foods again.

How to Maintain Your Smile

After putting the time into whitening their smile, most patients would like to maintain the results as long as possible. Some tips to keep your new smile looking its best include brushing your teeth twice a day with a gentle whitening toothpaste, flossing daily, avoiding foods and drinks that can stain your teeth, and avoiding smoking or chewing tobacco. Also, remember to visit your dentist regularly for cleaning appointments to keep your teeth healthy and clean.

If you are interested in obtaining a whiter smile with at-home whitening, contact our Grand Rapids office today. We would be happy to schedule your appointment, as well as answer any questions you may have about the treatment!