Invisalign For Kids

Invisalign Braces for Kids in Grand Rapids, Kentwood, East Grand Rapids, MI

Invisalign is an effective alternative to braces that many teens and adults choose to straighten and correct the appearance of their teeth. However, with Invisalign First, younger kids can also benefit from the clear aligners! The Invisalign First family has unique features to address dental concerns specific to these younger patients.

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What is Invisalign First?

Invisalign First is a set of clear aligners that are custom fit to go over your child’s teeth. Each set works your child’s teeth into a new, straighter position until optimal results are achieved. Invisalign First has some unique features compared to traditional Invisalign, taking certain factors into account such as a child’s shorter clinical crowns, malocclusions, and dental arch expansion.

Is Invisalign Right for My Child?

Invisalign offers more comfort and convenience over traditional braces. Now with Invisalign First, your younger child can also benefit for invisible realigning. If your child’s teeth are misaligned or gapped, Invisalign First can offer a solution, with special consideration to your child’s developing mouth. Early dental intervention is important to avoid physical and emotional discomforts later in life. Having braces put on can be painful and disruptive to your child. With Invisalign, there are no food restrictions, no changes in brushing or cleaning techniques, and less chance of mouth injury without the use of metal brackets.

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How does Invisalign Work?

To begin your child’s treatment with Invisalign, Dr. Zwier will examine your child’s teeth, take pictures, X-rays, and impressions. He will then map out a digital treatment plan, showing how your child’s teeth will transition with each aligner until corrected. Your child’s custom aligners will then be created. The aligners should be worn as often as possible, only taking them out to eat, drink, or brush their teeth. A new set of aligners will be worn every one to two weeks, gradually shifting the teeth into a straighter, more aligned position. After optimal results have been reached, your child will be instructed to wear a retainer at night to ensure the teeth do not shift out of place.

Dr. Zwier offers Invisalign First clear aligners to his younger patients who are candidates. To determine if your child could benefit from Invisalign, contact our office and schedule your appointment.

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