Our No Cavity Club for Kids!

happy kidsIt is so important to maintain the health of primary teeth! We want to promote the importance of brushing your teeth, so cavities don’t form and affect the development of their permanent teeth.

Primary teeth, or better known as baby teeth, are vital for so many things as a child grows up. Not only do they create space for the permanent teeth, but they also provide important development of proper muscles in the growing jaw and mouth. The placement of baby teeth also affects speech development and add an appealing appearance for the child.

Whether it’s a ‘knee-to-knee’ for a 1 year old to get comfortable with coming to the dentist early on, regular check-ups, orthodontics, athletic injury recovery/prevention, wisdom teeth removal, and other oral care through adolescent and teen years, you will find every need met with Doc Zwier and his capable staff.

Every winner selected into our No Cavity Club for Kids will get their picture taken and it will be posted to our Facebook page. Even better, their name will be put into our semi-annual Build-A-Bear drawing!

With being a family practice, we can guarantee you the best results with the best care. We know that scheduling your child’s appointment can be difficult to work around. We want to help you and make your experience easy with after-school appointments and doctor’s notes.

Past Winners

Here’s a list of our winners and official members of the No Cavity Club! Way to go and keep up the great work!



Zwier - Evan