Periodontal Therapy in Grand Rapids

Gingivitis Treatments in Grand Rapids, Kentwood, East Grand Rapids, MI

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Periodontal therapy helps reduce the risk of tooth loss by providing minimally invasive and affordable treatment for inflammation. The primary goal is to reduce infection, preserving the gum tissue and underlying bone holding the teeth in place. The exact type of therapy will depend on how advanced the disease has become and the extent of bone loss. In East Grand Rapids, Michigan, periodontal therapy can prevent erosion and promote dental health.

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How do I fix Gingivitis in East Grand Rapids?

Dr. Zwier uses scaling and root planning to treat patients in East Grand Rapids with periodontal disease. Scaling is a type of deep cleaning that removes tartar build up on the surface of the tooth, as well as under the gum line. Root planning involves smoothing any rough spots on the surface of the tooth where bacteria may hide. Sometimes a laser is used to accomplish this, which reduces swelling, bleeding and other post cleaning discomforts.

What are pockets?

Pockets are spaces that have been created by the gum pulling away from the tooth. These pockets are great places for tissue damaging bacteria to hide. A slow release antimicrobial in the form of a gel, small microsphere, or chip may be inserted directly into the spaces.. The medication is released over time, preventing new bacteria from multiplying and causing further damage.

If the infection is severe, follow up medications may be prescribed for home use. These typically involve mouth rinses containing an antimicrobial solution and oral antibiotics. In addition, Dr. Zwier may recommend certain lifestyle changes, such as smoking cessation. As your East Grand Rapids guide, we will help you through dental issues as they arise.

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Since the effectiveness of treatment will depend on how badly the connective tissues have been damaged, it is critical to address periodontal disease as quickly as possible. In East Grand Rapids, if  therapy doesn’t work, surgery may be used to save your teeth. Practicing good dental hygiene is also important for preventing this disease and maintaining overall oral health. Call 616-682-7271 to schedule your appointment!