Sedation Dentistry in Grand Rapids

Sedation Dentistry in Grand Rapids, Kentwood, East Grand Rapids, MI

In East Grand Rapids, Michigan sedation dentistry provides safe, comfortable dental treatment for patients with special needs. Sometimes called relaxation dentistry, sedation dentistry is a method of managing pain and anxiety during professional dental care through the use of medication.

You can benefit from sedation dentistry if you experience one or more of the following:
• High fear of dental care
• Complex dental problems
• Traumatic dental experiences
• Fear of needles and shots
• Trouble getting numb
• Sensitive teeth

The two most common types of sedation dentistry in East Grand Rapids are:

1. Oral Conscious Sedation
2. Inhalation Sedation

What is Oral Conscious Sedation?

Through this type of sedation you will experience very deep relaxation while still being conscious. In East Grand Rapids, physicians will provide you with an oral medication that is easy to swallow, safe, and low cost. Most adults will receive Halcion (triazolam), though children are usually given a liquid medication like Versed (Midazolam). When the medication takes effect, you will be able to speak and respond to external requests.

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What is Inhalation Sedation?

Inhalation sedation uses Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen (laughing gas) to help your body achieve a relaxed state. This technique is the most popular form of sedation used in dentistry today; it is commonly used in the East Grand Rapids Area.

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