Dental Testimonials in Grand Rapids

“Dr. Zwier has been my dentist for 37 years. Obviously I’ve been very satisfied. He and his staff do quality work and are always pleasant to work with. I suspect that most of the time there is one best way to treat a dental problem. But I’ve especially appreciated times when there are two options. Dr. Z will lay out the pros and cons of each (e.g. cost, likely longevity), give his professional advice, but allow me some choice in the treatment plan. I appreciate that very much.” – Wayne

“Dear Dr. Zwier and Staff,

The whole process was simple and I am very happy with the results. I must say I have never completed such detailed patient questionnaires, you leave no stone unturned and I speak from being a medical professional myself. The hygienist was very attentive and gentle. I would only say that if you wanted to add something a nice warm blanket to wrap up in, maybe earphones with a choice of music would make the waiting process easier and possibly advise patients to take some Tylenol before they come. Thank you.” – Carol W.

“I’m so happy with my implant! Ever since I had the implant done things have been better. It seemed like it would be a lot of work and money but it’s so much easier having it be your own implant and a permanent tooth in my mouth- I’d do it again, that’s for sure!” – Joan

“I won Dr. Zwier’s Facebook contest for liking their page so I got a free cleaning!! Their friendly staff made me feel at ease from start to finish! They took before and after pictures and the difference was stunning. My teeth look and feel great. To top it off I was given a bottled water for the road. They also have a great referral program, I’m looking forward to earning money just for sharing my experience with family and friends. I had a great experience and if you aren’t EXCITED to go to your dentist, it’s time to pick up the phone and set up an appointment here.” – Joel

“John and I love Dr. Peter Zwier, he is a top notch dentist, loving, Christian family man. He runs a office full of compassionate, competent dental assistants. If you want a great dentist go to Dr. Z. I’ve known him to help folks with severe dental needs who also have financial problems. He helps people and cares about their health – dental, physical and spiritual. He puts this faith into action. God Bless you, Dr. Z.” – Anita

“Greatest dentist in the world. I live in Guatemala but always make sure to get my teeth cleaned every year. I’m very thankful for Dr. Zwier’s expertise and that of his entire dental team. Worth coming North for and I have confidence in their ability to clean and accurate diagnose any problem or potential problem. I appreciate how he gently numbs my gums (if necessary) with almost NO pain!” – Kathy

“I was scared and had bad experiences with dentists before I came to Dr. Zwier. He is so gentle and caring. I’ve improved my home care and can see and feel how much better my whole mouth feels. I was told to floss so everywhere I go – I floss – New Orleans, Indiana, Alabama, it doesn’t stop me even if I’m not home.” – Emma

“Very professional! Like the Christian principles, music, even notes no his bills. We really like that!” – Kayla & Emannuel

“My smile would not be near what it is today without you guys” – Robert & Stacy Ann

“When I started going to Dr. Zwier I got married and started going every six months which I had not been doing (regularly). Since things I had never had like a root canal, a tooth pulled.”
– Charles & Karen

“Clean teeth, the polishing machine, friendly staff!” – Tammy (teacher, mother of 2, all patients)

“Everybody is always friendly and their schedule is very flexible. I like that they are open later on Tuesdays.” – Gayle (works in hospital downtown medical mile)

“I’d refer my friends because I know they would love the quality of care and promptness of appointments. I do not have to wait long.” – David (owner Graphic Design Firm in GR)

“The reason I’ve been coming here so long is because I really like you all and drive clear across town and enjoy it.” – Aurthur (Patient since September 2004)

“I’d refer my friends because I know they would love the T.L.C. & wonderful first impressions. Dr Zwier, Pete the “gentle giant,” is a great dentist.” – Darryl (Insurance Sales)

“Your staff is very friendly and cordial. Dr. Zwier is very attentive and if you have an emergency will get you in right away. Good work! Pain free!” – Jane

“Always prompt and professional service. The free whitening was a pleasant surprise – never had a dentist give me anything free. Personable when doing final exam.” – Dianne

“My favorite memory of Doctor Z’s is the time I got my wisdom teeth removed. It was a smooth process and I even ate a burrito from Qdoba the next day.” – Alex (student)

“I used to be very afraid to come to the dentist. Every time I come in here, because the staff is so friendly and makes me feel comfortable, I have less fear.” – Emma

“What I appreciate is 5 or 6 years ago there was a push from the staff for additional services or sales. But in the last couple years there has been a change that I’ve noticed and now I don’t.” – Werner

“I’d refer my friends because I know they would love the quality about the care they’ll receive. No pressure.” – Mark

“I do not like coming in but it’s a necessity though.” – James

“Since you started I have been coming here some 30 years now.” – Joyce

“We tell many people about Dr. Zwier!” – Paul & Eleanor

Response to treatment follow-up call: “It’s getting better, it’s not a dreadful experience to go to the dentist anymore.” – Eric (restaurant manager downtown)

“Thank you for getting me in so quickly this week and for making my dental experience a calm and relaxing one, not to mention practically pain free. The entire staff was welcoming and kind!” – Robert