Tips to Care for Your Dentures

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About Dr. Peter Zwier

For over 30 years, Dr. Peter J. Zwier has been providing a broad range of general and cosmetic dental services to Grand Rapids, meeting the needs of your whole family in one convenient location. Your oral health is extremely important to your body’s wellbeing, and a beautiful smile is a wonderful asset at any age.

Dentures enable many individuals to smile, speak, and eat comfortable after they have lost some or all of their teeth. Because dentures are used to replace these lost teeth, it is important to maintain them as best as possible for longtime use. Cleaning dentures and eliminating bacteria are important steps in maintaining a healthy mouth. Read on for some tips on how to keep your dentures clean and bacteria-free for a dazzling smile.

Problems Caused by Food Buildup

Food particles can easily become trapped in dentures when you eat. Because these food particles stick to dentures more easily than natural teeth, they can cause a variety of oral problems. Bad breath is often caused by food being caught in dentures. Inflammation of tissues can also be an issue, caused by bacteria feeding on the gums and tissues which can lead to infection. When left untreated, this inflammation can lead to periodontal gum disease or mouth sores.

How to Clean Dentures

Dentures should be brushed regularly just like natural teeth. It is also necessary to use a deep-cleaning solution to soak away food particles. These solutions are often specifically made for dentures, and come in the form of effervescent tablets. After soaking your dentures, check for hidden food particles and scrub using a soft-bristled toothbrush. A good rinse should finish up the cleaning process.

When cleaning dentures, avoid using abrasive materials such as whitening toothpastes, products containing bleach, and stiff toothbrush bristles, as they can damage dentures. Also, avoid placing your dentures in hot or boiling water, as it may warp your dentures.

Overall, practicing good oral hygiene is important for your health and quality of life. Taking the extra steps to thoroughly clean your dentures can help to ensure a healthy mouth for years to come. Patients in the Grand Rapids area can contact our office today to learn more about dentures at 616-682-7271.