Vivera Retainers in Grand Rapids

Vivera Retainers in Grand Rapids, Kentwood, East Grand Rapids, MI

Vivera Retainers will help you make sure your confident smile lasts for years. We know it took you time and an initial investment for that smile, so lets make sure you keep it that way for a long time. In East Grand Rapids, Michigan, Dentists provide Vivera Retainers to help patients feel confident as well as to ensure a straighter smile.

Importance of retention

Without retentions studies have showed that aligned teets will slowly revert back towards their initial position. While this is a very commone problem, it is one that can be easily counteracted.  With Vivera Retainers in Eas Grand Rapids you will be able to protect your beautiful smile for years to come.

Why choose Vivera Retainers in East Grand Rapids, MI?

Each set of Vivera Retainers are custom made and come in three sets. The technology that makes these retainers are some of the most advanced in the dental industry today! It uses 3D digital imaging, clear thermoplastic material and advanced fabrication technology. This allows for the most precise fit in the market without compromising strength and an invisible look. A consultation with Dr. Zwier can help you determine if Vivera Retainers could straighten and modify your smile. Interested patients are encouraged to visit the East Grand Rapids office or call ahead for their appointment. Dr. Zweir can guide you through any decisions and help you with your dental needs.