When are Dentures Required?

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Most patients think that having dentures is something that is only associated with senior citizens. However, dentures are more prevalent than you may believe. These devices can be used to help take the place of any teeth that have been lost to help improve quality of life.

Tooth loss does not take place overnight and is often due to a number of issues. The following are some of the reasons why you may need to get dentures.

You do not visit the dentist regularly

Experts emphasize that visiting a dentist regularly is very crucial. Bi-annual visits will keep away gum diseases as well as keep tooth decay in check. It allows the dentist to keep an eye on the changes that take place in your gums or teeth. If your oral health problems are minimal, they can be corrected easily. However, when periodontal issues or cavities take hold of the teeth, then the tooth may have to be extracted and this may lead to the need for dentures.

Gaps between the teeth or teeth that are shifting or loose

According to dental health experts, a loose tooth can be a sign of advanced gum disease. In this case, extensive periodontal treatment will be needed, and the tooth may need to be extracted.

You suffer from chronic toothaches

Suffering from tooth pain is often a sign that decay has progressed to reach the nerves in the tooth. When it is caught while it is still early, it may be treated with a filling, but if it has reached an advanced stage, the teeth may be removed, and partial dentures may be required.

You suffer from bleeding, tender, swollen and red gums

Irritated gums are an early sign of periodontal disease or gingivitis. And gum disease is the reason behind 70% of adult tooth loss. When this issue is left untreated, it can progress to cause tooth loss, which may lead to the need for dentures.

You have one or more missing teeth

Dentists recommend that patients who have two or more teeth missing get dentures to prevent more pressure on the other remaining teeth.

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