Why Choose Sedation Dentistry

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About Dr. Peter Zwier

For over 30 years, Dr. Peter J. Zwier has been providing a broad range of general and cosmetic dental services to Grand Rapids, meeting the needs of your whole family in one convenient location. Your oral health is extremely important to your body’s wellbeing, and a beautiful smile is a wonderful asset at any age.

Sedation dentistry, otherwise known as relaxation dentistry, involves either oral medication such as Halcion, or inhalation of Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen (laughing gas) to calm the patient during their appointment. If you experience fear, anxiety, or discomfort during your regular dental appointments, you may benefit from sedation dentistry.

Who Should Consider Sedation Dentistry:

• Those who have a high fear or anxiety about going to the dentist. This could be due to a traumatic experience in the past, or from a fear of needles and other equipment.
• If you are having a more complicated procedure done.
• If you have sensitive teeth that cause more discomfort during treatment.

The Benefits:

Reduced Fear and Anxiety—Feelings of fear and anxiety will vanish within minutes of receiving sedation, making for a positive dental experience.

No Pain—Surgeries or more uncomfortable procedures are made entirely pain-free through the use of sedation dentistry. Many don’t even remember the procedure taking place while helps to avoid painful associations with going to the dentist.

Quicker Appointments—With sedation, patients are less likely to fidget due to nervousness or complain about discomfort. This allows the dentist to perform treatment without interruption, speeding up your time in the chair.

You Are Still Responsive—When under sedation, you will still be awake and able to respond to simple requests and questions your dentist may have during the procedure. While not entirely asleep, you will still feel completely relaxed and at ease.

As you can see, sedation dentistry can help your dental visit to be comfortable and easy! If you wish to learn more about sedation dentistry, contact our Grand Rapids office today!